There are currently 2 MedSoc sports teams: netball and football. We are planning some more informal sports activities: a weekly running group, as well as occasional frisbee and rounders matches, and walks. However, we would also like to hear from you about any other sports you would like to see being made available to the Medsoc. We would therefore be grateful if you could take a few moments to complete this form to help us gauge interest in the current teams and accommodate your preferences. 

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I would be interested in joining:
I would be interested in taking part in the following sports at the indicated level if they were offered as part of Medsoc sports:
Ultimate Frisbee
Medsoc varsity (#shoethetabs)
In Hilary Term we will travel to Cambridge to compete with (conquer) their Medsoc’s sports teams. We are currently deciding which sports we would like to run on the day and would really appreciate your help. Please rank the following options 1-5 (1= Andrew Wakefield couldn’t have got it more wrong, 5= best idea since the invention of the thermometer).

Thank you for your help!

Please feel free to email us at any time with further suggestions or queries at:

All the best,

Sarah and Thomas


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