Dear Freshers,

Getting involved in MedSoc sports is a fantastic way to socialise with other medics, relieve stress and work off those revision pounds.  There are currently two MedSoc sports teams: women's netball and mens football.  However, we hope to expand these teams with a wide range of new talent, as well as set up a variety of other sports teams.

For more information on MedSoc sport, please see the Sports section of the Freshers' Guide.

We would be very grateful if you could take a few moments to complete this form to help us gauge your interest in MedSoc sports and accommodate your preferences.  You can register interest with multiple sports (even those you've never done before), but there is no obligation to join all of them in October! In addition, for the individual sports such as squash and tennis, we hope you'll find the mailing lists useful for arranging friendly games with other medics.  

Your MedSoc sports reps,

Alex & Charlotte

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