As part of the Entz of MedSoc, I arrange speakers to come in to give lectures, panels, discussions and symposiums that extend beyond what we learn in Medical School. By inviting prominent clinicians and authors - last year we had Henry Marsh who wrote “Do No Harm”, Ben Goldacre, and Nick Curzen (a consultant interventional cardiologist with an active research team) we hope to entertain, inform and inspire the fascination with medicine we all have. Our role also involves, to some extent, highlighting slightly alternative career prospects or ideas, such as when we invited David Nutt - a drug policy chief and activist for legalisation, or even misunderstood parts of health, such as when we invited Russell Foster - a leading sleep scientist. In addition to this we are planning on working collaboratively with the various other societies in the university, those like PPESoc, Doctors of the World and Amnesty International to deliver events where the intersection of healthcare and other factors can be dissected. Rest assured that this year will be a productive one in MedSoc, and as speakers’ rep I would love to hear your opinions on who you would like to hear from in the future. I can be contacted at entz@oxfordmedsoc.com, and I would love to hear from you!


The organisation of the guest speaker series for Michaelmas 2018 is currently underway.  Events will be uploaded below as they are confirmed.  Some times are subject to change.