Oxford MedSoc is here to ensure you have a great time at medical school.  Here's what we do:


The Entz team this year are Jedrzej Golebka and Desson Au-Yeung. You can get in touch with them through the Entz email: entz@oxfordmedsoc.com.

The Entz team organise an array of exciting events throughout the year, starting from the very beginning of term to help freshers get to know each other, right until the end of preclinical medicine with picnics after 3rd year exams. These are great opportunities to take a break from the intense and demanding course and let your hair down or relax with the others in your cohort. MedSoc membership is exclusive to medical and biomedical students, but events are open to others and many non-medics attend.

The classic MedSoc events include Dissection Drinks for first years at the start of the course; STDs (Second and Third year Drinks, of course); Scrub Crawls throughout the year, which take place in many of the college bars around Oxford, and Crewdates, which are lively dinners which are great opportunities to get to know medics from other colleges/years. This year's Entz team will have a huge array of other events, which will be perfect for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. To keep up to date, follow our Facebook page or the MedSoc website.

Oxford is a fantastic place for events throughout the whole year - be excited for ice skating and plenty of hot chocolate at Oxmas, and picnics galore in Trinity term! The highlight of the year is the MedSoc Ball, held in mid/late November, which will be a rare opportunity to dress up in black tie in Michaelmas term. It's a great event to meet other medics across all the years, enjoy the atmosphere of a classy venue and dance the night away! Tickets will go on sale shortly after term starts, and they're anticipated to sell fast so make sure you keep an eye out!
If you have any ideas or questions, don't hesitate to get in touch

We can't wait to see you all soon!


As part of Entz, MedSoc arranges speakers to come in to give lectures, panels, discussions and symposiums that extend beyond what we learn in Medical School. By inviting prominent clinicians and authors - in the last few years we’ve had Henry Marsh who wrote “Do No Harm”, Ben Goldacre, and Nick Curzen (a consultant interventional cardiologist with an active research team) - we hope to entertain, inform and inspire the fascination with medicine we all have. Our role also involves, to some extent, highlighting slightly alternative career prospects or ideas, such as when we invited David Nutt - a drug policy chief and activist for legalisation, or even misunderstood parts of health, such as when we invited Russell Foster - a leading sleep scientist. In addition to this we are planning on working collaboratively with the various other societies in the university, those like PPESoc, Doctors of the World and Amnesty International to deliver events where the intersection of healthcare and other factors can be dissected. Rest assured that this year will be a productive one in MedSoc, we would love to hear your opinions on who you would like to hear from in the future!


This year's MedSoc welfare reps are: Magda Chmura, a third year medic from St Catharine’s College, and Gautham Rao, a second year medic from St. Peter’s College. We’d like to give you a quick summary of how we as welfare reps can help you to have a great time studying Medicine at Oxford. Although studying Medicine is an amazing and enjoyable experience, it is completely normal to have times when you feel overwhelmed, confused or just not great. In times like these it is important to have someone to talk to and that’s where we come in! We’re both here for a chat or to answer questions about anything, no matter how big or small! We are available through Facebook, email or in person and we will try to get back to you or arrange a time to meet as soon as we can. From worries about workload to confusing topics or even advice on good self-care, we’re here to talk about anything!

 As this year’s MedSoc welfare reps, we will:

  • Always provide a supportive, kind and caring environment to listen and support you throughout your time as a medical student – it doesn’t matter whether your worries are medicine-related or not, we will listen and try to help as best we can

  • Organise small-group and larger welfare lunches for freshers and other year groups – these provide a place to grab some food between lectures but also to sit and chat with us about any worries you may have – there will also be other social, welfare events throughout term!

  • Provide drop in hours where we will stay in the MSTC or Biochem café for a few hours each week – giving people a safe space to chat about their welfare worries in a stress-free way

  • Organise the welfare symposium – with speakers such as counsellors, doctors and us, the MedSoc welfare team

  • Continue the Peer Mentoring scheme – where older students can provide both academic support and general advice on all areas of the medical degree

  • Provide provisions in the medical school such as sanitary products, healthier snacks in the vending machines and leaflets from mental health charities, as well as those containing the contact details of welfare staff

  • Work closely with the arts team to create a brighter atmosphere in the MSTC – posters with welfare advice to remind us to take care of ourselves even when we are busy

  • Seasonal welfare activities such as hot chocolate in the Winter and ice lollies in the Summer

  • Keep you up to date with welfare news via the weekly MedSoc email

If you have any questions or just fancy a chat, please contact us via email or Facebook: Oxford MedSoc Welfare. Join the group to stay up to date with any Welfare-related events we’ll be holding this year!

Let us know if you need anything, we’re more than happy to help,

Gautham and Magda


This year's arts rep is Lizzie Daly, who can be contacted at arts@oxfordmedsoc.com.

The Arts rep is here to connect MedSoc in a fun and creative environment! I aim to provide all kinds of outlets for medic related boredom/stress/disillusionment/excess creative energy.  Feel free to get in touch  if you want to organise groups for activities you're passionate about!

What I do:

  • help you set up arts related groups and get access to arts funding

  • arts and crafts sessions

  • medicine-in-art exhibitions in the MSTC

  • organise art and art supplies in the MSTC

  • starting a MedSoc band/orchestra if interest is shown (perhaps even a gastric band!)

  • run a life drawing event

  • organise the annual pre-clinical pantomime/play (will be lit, be there or be .. )

  • coordinate with the welfare reps

  • MedSoc arts emails (please read them or you won’t know about all the sick (haha medicine geddit) things I’m organising)

  • banish the overly competitive, stifling aspects of Oxford medicine and replace it with creative community spirit


MedSoc sports aims to be a friendly and inclusive sports community welcoming participation from members of all abilities.

Our main events this year are:

Football and Netball

Leaving an essay until the last minute might be one way of raising your blood pressure, but we can guarantee you’ll have more fun raising it by joining our football and netball teams! Both teams play matches against other teams in the university leagues on weekends with a schedule designed to fit around your workload.

Wednesday lunch-time running

Midweek, midday; it’s always been a sleepy time for the medical school, but no more! This is a chance to unwind after morning lectures/ wake yourself up for afternoon work with a social run in University parks starting from outside the MSTC every Wednesday at 1pm. We aim to accommodate runners of all abilities, from those going for a blue, to those running for the very first time. With this in mind, there will be 2 routes available (one shorter, one longer) and similarly to ‘parkrun’ events, there will always be someone to run with the last person, so don’t worry about being left behind- you won’t be!

Weekend social sports afternoons

We’ll be hosting twice termly casual sporting get togethers. Our current ideas for the next year include a cycle ride in the Oxfordshire countryside, a pub walk, ultimate frisbee and rounders, with each activity followed by a trip to G&Ds for ice cream!

Medsoc Varsity

Early on in Hilary term we will travel to Cambridge for a fun-filled day of sporty competitions against their Medsoc teams. Obviously, it is imperative that we assert our irrefutable dominance over the other place, so please come along to play, support, or help organise the non-sporting events happening on the side-lines! #shoethetabs

Click here to fill out the sports interest form so we can get an idea of which sports to organise for this year!

Feel free to contact us about all things sporty at sports@oxfordmedsoc.com.

Laura and Jack


MedSoc wants to see us give back to society and help others where we can. The role of the Charities and Societies Rep is to inform MedSoc of any charity events going on in the city and to organise fundraisers of our own. With your help, we’re hoping to raise more than ever before.

This year, our Charities rep is Seren Marsh, who can be contacted at charities@medsoc.com