MedSoc sports aims to be a friendly and inclusive sports community welcoming participation from members of all abilities.

Our main events this year are:

Football and Netball

Leaving an essay until the last minute might be one way of raising your blood pressure, but we can guarantee you’ll have more fun raising it by joining our football and netball teams! Both teams play matches against other teams in the university leagues on weekends with a schedule designed to fit around your workload.

Wednesday lunch-time running

Midweek, midday; it’s always been a sleepy time for the medical school, but no more! This is a chance to unwind after morning lectures/ wake yourself up for afternoon work with a social run in University parks starting from outside the MSTC every Wednesday at 1pm. We aim to accommodate runners of all abilities, from those going for a blue, to those running for the very first time. With this in mind, there will be 2 routes available (one shorter, one longer) and similarly to ‘parkrun’ events, there will always be someone to run with the last person, so don’t worry about being left behind- you won’t be!

Weekend social sports afternoons

We’ll be hosting twice termly casual sporting get togethers. Our current ideas for the next year include a cycle ride in the Oxfordshire countryside, a pub walk, ultimate frisbee and rounders, with each activity followed by a trip to G&Ds for ice cream!

Medsoc Varsity

Early on in Hilary term we will travel to Cambridge for a fun-filled day of sporty competitions against their Medsoc teams. Obviously, it is imperative that we assert our irrefutable dominance over the other place, so please come along to play, support, or help organise the non-sporting events happening on the side-lines! #shoethetabs

Click here to fill out the sports interest form so we can get an idea of which sports to organise for this year!

Feel free to contact us about all things sporty at

Sarah and Tom