The Arts team are here to connect MedSoc in a fun and creative environment! We aim to provide all kinds of outlets for medic related boredom/stress/excess creative energy.  Feel free to get in touch if you want to organise groups for activities you're passionate about!

What we do:

- help you set up arts related groups and get access to arts funding

- arts and crafts sessions

- starting a MedSoc a cappella group up and running

- starting a MedSoc band/orchestra if interest is shown

- run life drawing event

- organise the first ever pre-clinical pantomime/play

- MedSoc arts emails

This year's arts reps are Ruby and Ella, and they can be contacted at

The MedSoc Arts Facebook page has more information:

Oxford MedSoc Arts 2017-18


left: Ella, 2nd year medic at Brasenose

far left: Ruby, 2nd year medic at Brasenose